Move the Tank

The Panthers and Chiefs made a trade Monday, with the Panthers picking up DT Tank Tyler for a 2010 fifth-round pick. Here are some thoughts about the deal. We’ll compare it to other in-season trades in a post once the trade deadline passes Tuesday.

Tyler, the Chiefs’ 2006 third-round pick, never really fit into the Chiefs 3-4 system this year. He started every game in ’08 and had 41 tackles, so he has shown he’s not terrible, but he’s a 4-3 tackle and not a nose tackle. The Panthers have gone through ridiculous injuries at defensive tackle and need help. If Tyler can come in and start and provide some ballast against the run, he’ll help this year. And for a team that has clawed back to 2-3 and has the Bills next, this year still matters. Plus, Tyler is young, and so he could develop into a nice player going forward. The Panthers have now traded away at least four draft picks this year, so the calvary isn’t coming in the offseason, but they’re trying to stay in this season.


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3 responses to “Move the Tank

  1. chase

    Yes, at least they are trying, right? As a post script, this DT has a nickname as a name. As a post post script, how interesting is it that the two nicknamed players of football relativity have been hurt this season? FR Curse?

  2. rn575

    i hadn’t thought about that, but if we truly have that power, then we will be using it indiscriminately and capriciously – we need a new nickname to test this curse theory – i have set my brain to working on it…

  3. chase

    its freakier now. the tower is on IR. update pleasewith the nicknamed injuries.

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