Suicide Pool Suggestions – Week 6

Now we’re on a roll. The Eagles came through for us this week, and now we’re streaking in our suicide-pool suggestions. We actually hit our top 3 picks, and one of our traps to avoid was Dallas’ stomach-churner against K.C. And now that we’ve identified the dregs of the league, it’s easier to land on which games to pick. Let’s move forward with this week’s picks.

1. New York Jets over Buffalo – The Jets have lost two in a row, but both losses were to good teams on the road. Now they return home to take on a horrid Bills team that is falling apart before our very eyes. So this matchup isn’t close on paper, and you’re not going to get a more favorable matchup from Rex Ryan’s crew at any point this season because their games against Oakland and Tampa Bay are on the road. So we’ll go ahead and call on the Jets for the win here.

2. Pittsburgh over Cleveland – Like the Jets, the Steelers are a good team facing off against a terrible one in this game. I’d rather save the Steelers for later this season than I would the Jets, because I have a smidgen more confidence that the Steelers will be a top-level team all the way through December. And there’s a tasty home game against Oakland in Week 13 to save the Steelers for. But if you’ve used the Jets, the Steelers are a great solution for your suicide pool this week.

3. Jacksonville over St. Louis – The Jaguars have been the bane of my suicide pool picks, but a home game against the Rams should be a sure-fire win. Maybe Torry Holt will want to exact some specific revenge, which could serve to make sure the Jags are fired up for this one. Green Bay over Detroit is another solid pick, although the Lions are competitive each and every week.

Traps to avoid: Washington over Kansas City, Carolina over Tampa Bay – The Redskins still haven’t faced a team that came in with a single win, but they have looked so unimpressive that it’s easy to see K.C. getting off the schneid here the way the Lions and Panthers did against the Skins. Don’t get cute with that pick. The Bucs are also an awful team that we usually recommend picking against, but the Panthers haven’t played well enough for you to assume they can win on the road against anyone.


Week 5: W Philadelphia (over Tampa Bay)
Week 4: W San Francisco (over St. Louis)
Week 3: L Houston (over Jacksonville)
Week 2: L Jacksonville (over Arizona)
Week 1: W New Orleans (over Detroit)


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