A new nickname – Meet Jackpot!

I’m admittedly overly interested in uniform numbers, so I often think about such things during games. That happened during last night’s New York Jets/Miami Dolphins game. I saw Kris Jenkins with his massive frame dwarfing the two 7s on the front of jersey, and I thought that he needed a third 7 to cover the front of his jersey.

Then I got the mental picture of Jenkins wearing 777, and I thought…


So from now on, here on Football Relativity we’re going to call Kris Jenkins by his new nickname – Jackpot Jenkins.

He joins Pisa Tinoisamoa – aka the Tower – as renamed players here on FR.

Hopefully Jenkins will continue to make big plays all season so that we can continue to refer to his new nickname. Much luck and much love to Jackpot Jenkins over the rest of the season.


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