Suicide pool suggestions – Week 4

Stay away from the Jaguars.

For the second week in a row, the Jaguars jinxed us on the eliminator picks. We picked Jax to beat Arizona in Week 2 – fail. Then we figured the Jags were done in Week 3 at Houston, and they bounced back to win.

So we’ve crossed the Jags off our list of teams to pick in this pool. We did hit on our second and third picks (Philly over K.C. and Baltimore over Cleveland), so we’re providing decent info. We just can’t get the No. 1 pick right. (It’s sad that we’re 3-0 on the No. 2 pick and 1-2 at the one spot – oh well.)

But this week, there’s a solid pick we feel really good about, and some other good options too. We continue tracking our main selection for our record for the year.

1. San Francisco over St. Louis – The 49ers are for real, as they showed in their near-win at Minnesota. We can count on them to take care of business at home against most teams. But this is their best matchup of the season, because the Rams are flat-out terrible. This is the prime spot to use the best team in the NFC West in your suicide pool.

2. Indianapolis over Seattle – The Colts won their first two games in squeakers before breaking out the whuppin’ stick against Arizona Sunday night. They should win pretty comfortably this week against a Seattle team that is as banged up as any team in the league. You may want to save the Colts for later in the season, but they are a safe play this week.

3. Chicago over Detroit – The Lions finally won a game this week, and they’ll compete against the Bears. But Chicago has put together two solid wins and shows the kind of moxie that makes it unlikely that they’ll fold against the Lions, especially at home. If you want to use the Bears, this is probably the best opportunity, but chances are that Detroit will play well enough to have you sweating into the third quarter.

Trap to avoid: Cincinnati over the Browns in Cleveland – The Bengals have played really well thus far this year, including a road win in Green Bay. But even though a road trip to Cleveland looks promising given the sorry state of the Browns, the old Bengals would have a letdown in this game. So until we know a little more about who the Bengals really are, stay away here with the knowledge that a home shot against the Browns is still in the offing for suicide pool glory.

Last week: L Houston (over Jacksonville)
Week 2: L Jacksonville (over Arizona)
Week 1: W New Orleans (over Detroit)


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2 responses to “Suicide pool suggestions – Week 4

  1. chase

    San Fran over St. Louis, right?

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