Football Relativity: 2009 predictions

A few days ago, we launched our 2009 Football Relativity Season Preview. Now we’re going to use what we learned to make our 2009 predictions. We aren’t just listing teams in order of our comparison; rather, we’re also considering strength of divisions, schedules, and other factors.

Division Winners:
AFC East – New England Patriots
AFC West – San Diego Chargers
AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers
AFC South – Tennessee Titans

NFC East – New York Giants
NFC West – Arizona Cardinals
NFC North – Green Bay Packers
NFC South – Atlanta Falcons

Wild Cards:
AFC: Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars
NFC: Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers

Championship games:
AFC: Patriots over Chargers
NFC: Packers over Giants

Super Bowl 44:
Patriots over Packers

League MVP:
QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers

Defensive MVP:
S Ed Reed, Ravens


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2 responses to “Football Relativity: 2009 predictions

  1. Darren

    Hey both your sites are very well done. I found this site through the football wire at MVN this is good stuff keep it up man!

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