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Now on your TV: Trent Green and Charles Davis

Fox has released its full slate of announcing teams for NFL coverage this offseason (or at least leaked them to Pro Football Talk, which you should really be following on Twitter). There are two new names on the list — Trent Green and Charles Davis – that we have yet to discuss. We’ve added the profiles of Green and Davis to this post that compares all new NFL announcers this season. (John Lynch, who is semi-new, was covered in that post already.)

Charles Davis – Davis was a no-name before Fox started using him as the color announcer for the BCS national championship game a few years ago, but he’s incredibly good. With Fox soon losing the BCS, it makes sense for them to move Davis onto their NFL roster. He’s going to be on the No. 3 team, which is a huge complement to his ability. The only strange thing is that Davis never made it in the NFL, and so he’ll be commenting on something outside of his experience. But he’s so polished that it won’t end up mattering in the end.

Trent Green – Green has shown a lot of promise as an announcer in his offseason studio appearances, but you never know how that will translate into game announcing. I’m a little afraid that Green will end up like Rich Gannon, who had similar promise right after retirement but hasn’t really been spectacular as an announcer. For now, we’ll give Green the benefit of the doubt and take a listen, but to excel he’ll have to translate his knowledge of the game and likability into the short bursts he’ll speak between plays.

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