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Fantasy Football: Your call

As we continue our preseason fantasy football coverage this month, we want to know if there’s any topic (or even any specific player) that you want us to cover. Leave a comment below with requests, and we’ll see what we can work into our August schedule. There’s a list of the fantasy football topics we’ve covered thus far below, just so we don’t duplicate ideas.

Just a reminder that you can review all our fantasy football coverage thus far by clicking on the Fantasy Football category for Football Relativity. And if you want to know about a specific player, just search his name in the box on the right to see what we’ve written about him.

Thanks for your help in making Football Relativity the best site it can be.

Topics thus far:

The top 4 running backs
The top 3 quarterbacks
The top 1 wide receiver

Elite-level RBs
Elite-level WRs

’08 breakout players
Tight ends
Players who have changed teams
’08 busts
Players whose offensive systems have changed
30-year-old-plus RBs


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