Bennett to Baltimore … to retirement

The Ravens filled the need for a veteran wideout – a spot vacated by the retirement of Derrick Mason – by signing Drew Bennett. Then Bennett retired himself. Here are some thoughts about the move; we’ll compare it to other training-camp additions in an upcoming post.

The Ravens need an experienced, reliable receiver to fill in the gap left by Derrick Mason’s retirement, and their original solution was to ink ex-Titan and ex-Ram Bennett to a one-year, minimum-salary deal. Bennett had one fantastic year in Tennessee back in 2004, and he was productive in the two following years as well. But after signing a mega-deal in St. Louis, Bennett was hamstrung by injuries and ended up with just 34 catches in two years. Had he been healthy, Bennett would have provided at least a competent vet who will provide some assurance to an offense that would have otherwise had to rely solely on Mark Clayton and Demetrius Williams. But Bennett was not healthy, and after just a day of workouts, he retired. The Ravens aren’t out any money, but they still need a veteran receiver to help Clayton and Williams. Bennett, meanwhile, retires as a solid NFL starter who had some disappointments but some high points as well. That’s not a bad legacy to leave.

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