Griese’s gone

It’s been really slow going on the NFL transactions wire lately, aside from the spate of draft-pick signings. But Monday, the Buccaneers finally released QB Brian Griese. Here are some thoughts on the move; you can see how it compares to other post-draft cuts in this post.

Griese’s second tour of duty in Tampa Bay came to an end, and it wasn’t unexpected. After signing Luke McCown to a backup-quality deal in the offseason, then adding Byron Leftwich, and then drafting Josh Freeman in the first round, there was simply no room for Griese. The 11-year veteran still has enough to be a decent backup if he wants to keep playing, but he also has been around long enough that retirement could be an option. If it is, the former third-round pick who succeeded John Elway can rest in the fact that he had a solid if unspectacular career.


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2 responses to “Griese’s gone

  1. chase

    so when in the john elway time line was the career of the illustrious bubby brister.

    • rn575

      if i remember the timeline right, brister was elway’s chief backup. after elway retired following the ’98 season, brister was expected to be the starter, but shanahan made a surprising move just before the season and made griese the starter going into the season, leaving brister out in the cold.

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