Fantasy Football: Fantastic Four

We’ll be doing a lot of fantasy football thoughts on the site here this summer, and since it’s July 1, I thought we’d begin our coverage by identifying the truly elite players available this year. Each year, it seems like the number of elite players varies – some years it’s as few as 2; other years it’s as many as 7 or 8.

This year, I number the elite as a fantastic four. They are, in alphabetical order:

Matt Forte
Maurice Jones-Drew
Adrian Peterson
Michael Turner

I’d be excited about building my team around any of these players. The next group of guys – including Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, LaDanian Tomlinson, DeAngelo Williams, and Brandon Jacobs, as well as the first two or three quarterbacks and first few receivers – would all give me at least a moment’s pause. Maybe a fleeting moment, but that moment is enough to knock them onto Tier 1B instead of Tier 1A in my book.

Peterson seems to be the gimme in this group, given his immense talent and impressive production thus far in his career. Turner too is no question as a top guy after his ridonkulus first season in Atlanta.

Jones-Drew, or Mo-Jo as we will call him here on Football Relativity as we add him to our nickname list, has put up huge TD numbers in his first three seasons and now should get even more chances with FredTaylor wearing Patriot colors. And Forte had a huge rookie season, and given his pass-catching proclivity, he has even more upside potential with Jay Cutler now on board.

So that’s the fantastic four – at least in my mind. Feel free to comment to quibble with the top tier on my draft board or to share your own ideas.


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7 responses to “Fantasy Football: Fantastic Four

  1. Carl

    I haven’t taken a close look at the draft pool yet, but looking at your list, it occurs to me that this might be one of the more dramatic changing(s) of the guard in recent fantasy football memory. A year or 2 ago, many of these guys were still in college or were relative unknowns while your LTs, Larry Johnsons, etc were the perennial top picks. Just think: in a keeper league last year, one could have easily drafted 3 of your top 4 RB if not all 4.

  2. chase

    second to carl. also I hope to pick fourth to your fifth in the draft this year and nab the last of these four before your pick…haha

  3. Carl Beck

    Robert has never met a Jones-Drew he didn’t covet in a fantasy draft. Why do I feel like Robert has owned MoJo since his sophomore year at UCLA?

  4. rn575

    I have always coveted Mo-Jo… Good thing he has delivered w/ 40 TD in three years as a split-carries guy. That’s a guy you can believe in, especially as he becomes an unquestioned No. 1 guy this year

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