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Vick released

The Falcons finally cut the cord on Michael Vick. Thoughts are below, and you can find out how it compares to other post-draft cutbacks in this post. (That post has also been updated with the releases of James Thrash and others, so click through and check it out.)

It’s hard to know how to compare Vick, who hasn’t played in two years, to other cuts because at this point, the Falcons have moved on. They have a new franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan and a new playing style. Plus, they were basically forced to release Vick so that they didn’t end up having to pay him when he is eventually reinstated. So Vick is now free to try to find a team. His talents fit the new Wildcat fad across the league, but it’s going to be hard for a team to stomach the firestorm of publicity (or even criticism) that would come with signing Vick. This release is just the next step in a drama that still has miles to go.

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