Morgan hangs them up

According to agent Drew Rosenhaus’ Twitter account, former Panthers LB Dan Morgan retired Monday. Morgan had battled concussions over the last few years that shortened his career. Here are some thoughts on Morgan’s retirement; you can see how it compares to other offseason retirements in this relativity post.

Dan Morgan was the Panthers’ first-round pick (11th overall) in 2001, and he was part of the core that helped turn the franchise around leading up to the franchise’s lone Super Bowl appearance. Morgan, Kris Jenkins, and Steve Smith were part of a draft class that revitalized the team. But injuries held Morgan back throughout his career, starting in his rookie season when he injured his leg on a Charlotte field so bad that chunks were coming out of it. He made just one Pro Bowl (2004), in large part because injuries and a series of concussions kept him out of action so often. He never played in more than 13 games in a season, and he saw action just four times since 2005. He spent the last two offseasons with the Saints but never saw game action. While his career stats aren’t eyepopping, he does have one unforgettable line on his stat sheet — his Super Bowl performance against the Patriots. He was credited with 18 tackles in the game book, but Panthers coaches tallied 25 stops that Morgan made. He ends up with a good career that could have been truly memorable had injuries and concussions not taken their toll.

More on Morgan: I covered the Panthers in 2001, Morgan’s rookie year. Here are a few of the articles I wrote about him:

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