Open thread: What are the biggest rumors of the NFL offseason?

We’re working on a relativity post comparing the biggest NFL rumors of the offseason that will go live later this week, and so I asked some buddies for their favorites to make sure I didn’t miss any. Carl made the suggestion that we move the discussion here to the site, and as usual he had a great idea. (Amazing he could do so in light of Jeff Gordon’s back situation.) So here is what’s been proffered so far; feel free to add your own ideas via comment below.

Robert: Working on a blog post on the biggest NFL rumors of the offseason and want to make sure I don’t miss any biggies. So if you don’t mind send me your favorite rumor of the offseason and I’ll put it on the list. Thanks!

Brandon: Do you really think the Broncos will finish last in their division?
Will the NFL reduce preseason and expand regular season?
What will the new Pro Bowl format be like?
Any expansion teams coming soon?
Do you think the NFL will ever play the CFL in an exhibition game?

Andy: Super Bowl to London
Who is going to LA?
Where will the Chargers play when the lease on Qualcomm ends?

Chase: I like the personnel rumors.
Peppers to NE
Cutler hoolpa
Shannahan to KC
Cowher to anywhere

Brandon: How about Shanahan to Chicago in 2010?

Carl: Not the biggest story, but I have REALLY enjoyed the Mike Leach drama this offseason. The Browns/Crabtree story makes is NFL-related, but what a horrible offseason that piece of trash has had, starting with the Heisman controversy, then his contract situation at Texas Tech, then his feud with Eric Mangini.

Andy: Since we are talking draft, what about the proof that Al Davis is alive as shown by his decision to NOT pick Crabtree at 7

Add your own! simply leave a comment below…


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4 responses to “Open thread: What are the biggest rumors of the NFL offseason?

  1. Brandon

    Why aren’t there charity games between say the NFL and MLB (in each others’ sports)?

  2. Carl

    Not really a rumor, but the story about the NFL players lost at sea was pretty compelling for awhile. I haven’t heard much about Donte Stallworth lately, but he seems like he’s going to be in a lot of trouble, unless he can hire Leonard Little’s lawyer.

  3. rn575

    I’m fascinated to see the reaction to Michael Vick’s potential return to the reaction that Stallworth would get if he played this year. Will there be the same protests? Or is the dogfighting such an emotionally evocative issue that the Stallworth issue will not register with the public in the same way?

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