The Tower is toppled

No Bengal bingo Friday, but there was a significat cut. The Rams released their leading tackler, LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, today. Here are some thoughts on the Tower (I don’t care if he’s just 6-1; with a name like Pisa, we HAVE to call him The Tower). You can see how this cut compares to other post-draft cuts in this relativity post.

Tinoisamoa — a.k.a. The Tower — was the Rams’ leading tackler in 2008 with 135 stops, so it was somewhat surprising that he was released just after the team’s first minicamp. But the Tower Pisa was leaning too much the previous two years as he missed a bunch of time with injury. Once the Rams invested a second-round pick in James Laurinaitis, the Tower’s starting spot was gone. He’s not special, but he’s an effective inside ‘backer who can clean up tackles if he’s protected. With so many teams moving to 3-4 defenses, there will be someone who can use the Tower at one of those inside spots, at least for two downs. He doesn’t merit a big contract, but he does deserve a starting spot in the league.


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