Again? Yep, again

Sheesh. Do we have to do this whole Brett Favre song and dance again?
Apparently so. Favre, whom the Jets released off the reserve/retired list recently, is now reputedly sitting down with the Vikings to discuss a 2009 job. So what should we think about this latest (yet repeated) development? Here are three pertinent points:
*The Vikes need help at quarterback. Holdover Tarvaris Jackson seems to always make the killer mistake, and that has kept him from living up to his potential. Newcomer Sage Rosenfels, like Jackson, has ability, but he too is a mistake waiting to happen at times. (Remember his ill-timed whirlybird run that turned into a fumble and cost the Texans a win vs. Indy last year?) Almost everywhere else on the field, the Vikes are contender-caliber. But that’s not the case at quarterback.
*That first point would seem to indicate that Minnesota should take the plunge with Favre. But the truth is that Favre has had one good season in the last four. His ’06 and ’07 campaigns in Green Bay were subpar, and while his Jets year started well, his performance nosedived down the stretch to the point that he was average at best for the full season.
*Added to that evidence that suggests Favre may not have of anymore is the fact that he also suffered a torn biceps tendon in his throwing arm and doesn’t want to have surgery. That’s a major red flag.
So should the Vikings investigate this? Maybe, but it’s a big risk. First of all, simply talking about Favre tells Jackson and Rosenfels that the team doesn’t believe in either of them. If Favre can still play OK, that’s fine. But if Favre is trying to play hurt, or if he’s simply washed up at age 40, there will be problems. Benching Favre – who still has his consecutive-starts streak going – would be a huge circus that could destroy a season. And even starting Favre is no guarantee of success because of his declining performance. So the Vikes are playing with fire here.
As for Favre, what does he have to gain? He would have a chance to play and conceivably beat his former team, the Packers, twice. That’s important, because Favre obviously is holding a grudge against Green Bay management after it wearied of Favre’s will-he-or-won’t-he retirement tap dance and committed to Aaron Rodgers instead last year. (That looks, by the way, to be the right move given Rodgers’ promising performance last year.)
But this is more likely to end badly for Favre, with a poorer result than his Jets dalliance or even the ultimate embarrassment via benching. I can’t rule that scenario out.
If a single win over the Packers is worth it to Favre, then he should knock himself out. But revenge that trivial wouldn’t be worth the risk to me.

P.S. – Two links: Favre historically vs. his contemporaries and how he compares vs. other current quarterbacks for 2009 and beyond


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7 responses to “Again? Yep, again

  1. chase

    We’ve had the Brett Favre rumor post and the Julius Pepper rumor post. How about a rumor relativity post?

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