Mysterious move

A minor transaction caught my eye this morning. The Ravens signed a one-year deal with ex-Dolphin QB John Beck. Why would the Ravens do this? There’s a behind-the-scenes reason – and a potential payoff. 

After the emergence of Joe Flacco last year, the Ravens don’t really have a quarterback need. They have a young starter, a young promising backup in Troy Smith, and a veteran hand in Todd Bouman. But Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron drafted Beck in the second round when he was the head coach in Miami, and so he obviously sees potential in him. So the Ravens gave Beck a one-year contract that could last longer because Beck, with just two years of service time, will be controlled by the Ravens for at least one additional season. This is a low-risk move that could pay off in terms of a future trade if Cameron can restore the luster Beck once had as a prospect.

UPDATE: Reports have the Jaguars signing Bouman, which is weird because he re-signed with Baltimore last month. Maybe he didn’t actually sign the deal, only agreed to terms. Or maybe he is being released after the Beck move. Either way, it appears Beck is the for-sure No. 3 in Baltimore.


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2 responses to “Mysterious move

  1. Carl

    I think you’re overrating Troy Smith.

  2. rn575

    Smith would have been the starter there last year if not for his training-camp illness. He’s at least a prospect, which is why I used the word promising. Promise doesn’t always pay, but it’s there with Smith.

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