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Holt to Jax

Sorry for the slow updates on the blog this week. I’ve been working on the first Football Relativity Preja Vu mock draft, and let’s just say it’s going to be long. Hopefully it will be epic, but I can 100 percent guarantee long. Apparently I’m reading too much Bill Simmons lately…

In the meantime, here are some thoughts on Torry Holt’s recent signing with the Jaguars. We’ll add these to the 5th edition of the free agent relativity comparison that will be published Friday before the draft.

The Jaguars are flipping their receiving corps this offseason. They’ve released Jerry Porter and Matt Jones and let Reggie Williams leave via free agency. Now they make their first move to replace some of these losses by signing long-time Ram Torry Holt to a three-year deal potentially worth $20 million. If Holt delivers, it’s a big price. Holt was ridiculously productive in St. Louis and actually has his career on a Hall of Fame type of track after 10 seasons. But a knee injury has limited Holt’s explosiveness and effectiveness the last couple of years, which is why the Rams turned the page and let him go. The Jags are obviously banking on Holt to be their No. 1 receiver, but it’s still uncertain whether he’s able to perform at that level. Still, having Holt will help David Garrard, and it’s hard to see Holt as an unacceptable starter. The Jaguars needed help, and they got it, so you have to view the move favorably at least in that light.

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