Peters out – from Buffalo to Philly

We’re now one week away from the NFL draft, which means that the moving and shaking is hitting high gear. Friday, it shook out this deal: Buffalo sending OLT Jason Peters to Philadelphia for the 28th pick in the first round, a fourth-round selection, plus a sixth-round pick in 2010. Here are some thoughts on this deal, which is also compared to the growing list of other NFL trades this offseason in this post.

Peters, a college tight end, developed into a Pro Bowl-caliber tackle in Buffalo, but for the last 2 offseasons he’s been discontent over his contract. That seemed to affect his play in ’08, as it was down a level from his ’07 performance. Because Peters wasn’t happy, the Bills decided to turn the page. They’ll need to replace him, because he was a major building block in their offensive line. This deletion could even make the Terrell Owens addition a little less impactful, because quarterback Trent Edwards (who has been injury prone) won’t have the same protection. The No. 28 pick probably won’t yield a top tackle, but having that pick could allow the Bills to get a top tackle with their pick at No. 11.
For Philly, this is a much needed addition. After letting longtime starting OTs Tra Thomas and Jon Runyan leave via free agency, the Eagles (who have always emphasized line play on both offense and defense) needed help. Peters will step in on the left side, while free-agent addition Stacy Andrews likely will get the right tackle spot. That’s a pretty good recovery by the Eagles.


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