Peppers part 2

OK, I was unfortunately a little imprecise in my outlandish predictions on Julius Peppers earlier this week. In predicting trades, I ignored the Patriots, who have been widely rumored to be interested. The thought had actually crossed my mind (I hear you now: yeah, right), but because I was trying to identify potential players in a trade, I omitted the Patriots.

The Pats do have the ammo to get Peppers, with a first-round pick and three second-rounders. The rumor out there is the No. 34 overall pick that the Pats got from K.C. in the Matt Cassel trade. My thought is that the Panthers would need to get at least two of those picks, including one of the two highest, for a deal to be worth it. But that wouldn’t be a bad return for Peppers

For the record, here are other 3-4 teams that I failed to mention in the earlier post: 49ers, Jets, Browns, Chargers, Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs, Dolphins. It’s hard to see resolution for the Peppers situation in any of those spots, but now you know.

Leave a comment with any ideas you might have  with one of these teams, or anyone else.


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6 responses to “Peppers part 2

  1. chase

    do you think they could get the one and a late two from the patriots?

  2. rn575

    that’s what the haul would have to be, or maybe all three 2s. i think the patriots would do it too IF they get a contract done with peppers. but that appears to be a long shot from what i’ve been reading.

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