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Trade: Rosenfels to Vikings

 It’s now being reported as a done deal – QB Sage Rosenfels will be traded from Houston to the Minnesota Vikings for a fourth-round pick. Rosenfels will challenge Tarvaris Jackson for the Vikings’ starting quarterback job. (Gus Frerotte will be gone, by all appearances.) But does this move upgrade the Vikings?

In this post, we compared all of the quarterbacks in starting discussions on the relativity scale. Note that Rosenfels and Jackson were on the same tier. So does this make the Vikings better? Well, if you believe that competition will bring out the best in one or both of them, then maybe. But I’m more of the opinion that the Vikings now have 2 quarterbacks who are between the 25th and 40th best in the NFL, and that neither is going to elevate much beyond that point on a season-long basis. And that means that the quarterback spot remains a trouble spot for a Vikings team that is pretty strong almost everywhere else. This move does not a true contender make.

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