Franchise players: Darren Sproles

A second running back joined the franchise player list when the Chargers tagged Darren Sproles. Again, some thoughts on Sproles are here, and you can see how Sproles compares relative to the other tags of the offseason in the main franchise players post.

RB Darren Sproles, San Diego – Sproles made a name for himself by starring for the Chargers in the playoffs this season. Although he’s tiny, he has superb speed that allows him to bust free as a return man or from the backfield. Sproles probably shouldn’t be a go-to back – I doubt he would hold up for the whole season – but in a Reggie Bush type of role, he can be a game changer more often than not. But is that worth $6.6 million a year? It is to the Chargers as long as they’re not expecting Sproles to replace LaDanian Tomlinson. But if they cut LDT, this move could easily blow up in their faces.

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