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Franchise players: Karlos Dansby

The Arizona Cardinals will use their franchise tag this offseason on LB Karlos Dansby, one of the stalwarts of their defense. How does he compare to other franchise players? And what impact will this move have on the defending NFC champs? Read more below, and see how Dansby compares in the ever-expanding franchise player post.

LB Karlos Dansby, Arizona – Along with Adrian Wilson, Dansby has been the heart of the Cards’ defense. Dansby is big and fast, and while his instincts don’t always seem to click, he still makes his share of plays. While some other players on this defense are more talented (namely Darnell Dockett and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie), you could argue that only Wilson could be considered more important. That’s why the Cardinals are tagging Dansby for the second straight year. It’ll be interesting to see whether the Cardinals can get a long-term deal done with Dansby, as both sides say they want to. They should, because Dansby is a core player for this aggressive defense. This was a move the Cards had to make.

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