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Head coaching update: Tom Cable stays with Raiders

It’s not official (yet), and wacky things happen in Raider-land, but all indications are that the Raiders are going to keep Tom Cable as their permanent head coach. Cable took over early last season when Lane Kiffin was fired, and he posted a 4-8 record. He did win two of his last four games, and that positive momentum (or at least what passes for it in Raider-land) was part of the reason he got the permanent job.

It’s time to drop Cable into the relativity scale of this year’s head-coaching hires. You can see the full list in this post, and there’s more on Cable and his career path in the Jim Caldwell research project.

Cable was awful at Idaho (11-35 record) and had just 2 1/4 years as an NFL assistant before getting his shot as an interim head coach. His 4-8 mark, though unimpressive, was a minor upgrade over what the Raiders had been doing under Lane Kiffin. More pertinently, the Raiders’ performance at the end of the season gave a small glimmer of hope. With that, there’s a bit of a defense for keeping Cable on, but it’s not like the 49ers’ move to hold onto Mike Singletary. I just can’t get over the feeling that the Raiders could have hired a coach who wanted another chance — a Jim Fassel type — who had a much better resume and background. Or there could have been another Kiffin-type hire — a young coach looking to prove himself. The last time the Raiders were relevant, it was because they took a chance on Jon Gruden before he was truly ready to be a head coach. Even for the shipwreck that is the Raiders right now, there had to be better options. The Raiders just didn’t really look for them.

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