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Hall of Fame review

In the midst of all the Super Bowl fallout, I didn’t want to ignore the Pro Football Hall of Fame results. We picked the 2 obvious selections, Rod Woodson and Bruce Smith, but missed out on the rest. Why? The reason is sentamentality.
Bob Hayes, who was a second-time seniors nominee, is the epitome of a borderline case. The fact that he missed out on election just before he died seemed to loom over this year’s process. Does he deserve a spot? Maybe, but not more than Cris Carter (overlooked again) or even Shannon Sharpe (who may have to wait for Carter to get in before his turn comes).
Ralph Wilson, age 90, deserves a spot, but he takes a spot that should have gone to a player like Carter.
The other two choices are more understandable. I’d have chosen Richard Dent over Derrick Thomas, but both merit enshrinement. The same is true with Dermontti Dawson (who didn’t get in) and Randall McDaniel (who did). In both cases, the players who got elected clear spots that should begin to open the door to Canton for Dent and Dawson.
So the choices weren’t choice, but the selection committee did a decent job. But if Carter wants to use his ESPN bully pulpit to scream, I won’t argue. He continues another year as the guy who most deserves a gold blazer but doesn’t yet have one.

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