Postgame Points : Super Bowl 43

Now that was a fourth quarter to remember. Thought I’d take a moment and spout off some postgame thoughts after Pittsburgh’s 27-23 Super Bowl win over Arizona.

*Santonio Holmes, welcome to stardom. He’s made big plays throughout the playoffs, and the Steelers don’t win this game without him. As Hines Ward fades with age, Holmes can become the next great Steeler receiver.

*Ben Roethlisberger makes a habit of getting the one big drive at the end of the fourth quarter. You could just smell it coming Sunday night, and he delievered. It’s good to see him have a great Super Bowl game, because that further legitimizes him as a big-time quarterback.

*Mike Tomlin continues to be the truth. He’ll be the truth in Pittsburgh for at least another decade.

*Kurt Warner had another huge Super Bowl game, and Larry Fitzgerald again showed that he’s the best wide receiver in the NFL. As a fan, it’s fun to see big players make big plays. Warner now has the Super Bowl record for passing yards – even though he’s played in only three. (Joe Montana played in 4, and John Elway played in 5.) That’s impressive.

*Told you to take Warner and Fitzgerald over the yardage totals. Didn’t get much else right, but at least we have that.

*Anquan Boldin is good, but he’s not on Fitzgerald’s level. And with Steve Breaston there, if Boldin’s contract blows up, it wouldn’t be a death blow for the Cardinals. A body punch, yes, but not a death blow.

*Speaking of Breaston, he’s a valuable guy to have. Good punt returner, good third receiver. The same is true for J.J. Arrington, who seems to have finally found his role with the Cardinals. His fourth-quarter catch and run was a huge play.

*James Harrison got all the pub because of his pick, but Lamarr Woodley had another 2 sack game. He had 2 sacks in each of Pittsburgh’s 3 playoff games, which is pretty impressive.

*Arizona’s offensive line just had no chance.

*Darnell Dockett showed up big for the Cardinals. When  he wants to play, he’s terrific. Hopefully this taste of success will inspire him to continue to want to play at this level, because he’s fun to watch. I’d put Karlos Dansby in that category as well.

*Holmes’  TD catch was dramatic and amazing, and Fitzgerald’s first TD catch was vintage as well. But don’t forget that Arizona No. 3 TE Ben Patrick made a really nice TD grab as well. That’s a memory he’ll have for a lifetime.

That’s it for now. I may add to this post as more thoughts come, so check back. Hall of Fame review coming tomorrow.

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