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Head coaching update: Rex Ryan to Jets

Another day, another hire. The Jets have named Rex Ryan as their new head coach. The former Ravens defensive coordinator has been a hot candidate the last couple of years. But where does he compare? Here’s his relativity entry, which has also been entered in the main head coaching hires post
4 (con’t) – Rex Ryan, Jets – Ryan is a qualified candidate, with a resume as good as first-time head coach can have. But there’s one troubling thing about him – his team for the last 10 years, the Ravens, passed him over last year. The Ravens’ brass is top notch, so that judgment weighs heavily. If they don’t want him, I’m not sure I do. With that in mind, I just can’t bring myself to say the Jets are better with Ryan than they would be with Mangini. You might believe in change for change’s sake, but I don’t. 

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