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Head coaching update: Steve Spagnuolo to St. Louis

The St. Louis Rams landed the guy who appeared to be the big fish in the pond of hot assistant coaches by hiring Steve Spagnuolo as their head coach. But is it a good hire? Let’s play relativity to find out. You can see Spagnuolo in comparison to the other hires in the ever-growing head coaches post
4 – Steve Spagnuolo, St. Louis – Spagnuolo trained under Andy Reid and Jim Johnson in Philly before spending 2 years as the Giants defensive coordinator. That run in New York made him a hot head coaching candidate. While Spagnuolo’s pedigree is positive, the question us whether his leadership qualities match his tactical abilities. I can’t shake that question, and so I can’t rate Spagnuolo above Schwartz or even Morris. For some reason, I have a sinking feeling that this hire may end up looking more trendy than successful in the long run. 


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